These Lenovo Phones will get Android Oreo Update after 9 months

Lenovo K8, K8 Plus and K8 Note confirmed Android 8.0 Oreo updates by June 2018

Lenovo will be terribly behind with the Android 8.0 Oreo update for some of its phones

However, in a nutshell, Lenovo has now updated its website stating that it will update the Lenovo K8 lineup to Android 8.0 Oreo by July 2018, which is nearly a year after Google releasing Oreo update to its Nexus and Pixel smartphones.

Yes, we know that Lenovo is not good with delivering updates to their phones and it has proved it once again.

Android Oreo was released a couple of months back, it is already available on Google Pixel and Nexus devices.

According to Lenovo's website, the K8 is expected to receive the update only in June 2018 which is approximately an eight-month wait for the update.

Lenovo made a big move by implementing stock Android on its Lenovo K8 series, ditching its old-age Vibe UI.

GSMArena also points out that by the time Lenovo pushes out the OTA update on the K8, K8 Plus and K8 Note, Google would be nearly ready with its next version of Android.

An update arrived just today, but apparently, it is only an October 2017 security patch. The K8 will get the update in June 2018 and the K8 Note and K8 Plus will get the update in July 2018. The update timeline is especially baffling because these phones run on stock Android, which shouldn't take so much time for upgrades.

Post getting the Oreo update, the smartphones will have picture-in-picture mode that lets users to two tasks simultaneously. The update process is "in progress" the company mentions. It's come under some controversy before with its Phab2 series as the line wasn't upgraded to Nougat even though it was only a few months old.

Are you a Lenovo K8 owner? what are your views on this?

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