Fox News Poll Shows Moore, Jones Tied for Alabama Senate Seat

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Trump Won't Say Whether He Disagrees With Roy Moore's View That Gay Sex Should Be Illegal

A Fox News poll published Tuesday evening found that Republican Roy Moore, the controversial former judge who was twice removed from office, is tied with his Democratic opponent in a special election for an Alabama seat in the U.S. Senate, a stunning finding given the state's strong GOP lean.

Moore won the Alabama Republican Senate primary over Trump's pick for the nomination, Luther Strange. He was suspended in May 2016 due to alleged ethical violations.

With the general election between Moore and Jones less than 60 days away, polling indicates a much tighter than anticipated race. Unusual lost to Moore in the runoff primary, and Moore in December will be facing Democrat Doug Jones.

Both candidates now have 42 percent of the vote, while 11 percent remain undecided.

A reporter asked Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) how they could support Moore's candidacy, given his statements in the past in favor of outlawing gay marriage and preventing Muslims from serving in Congress. That same number for Jones is only 28%.

But between the lukewarmness of Moore supporters and the intensity of his opposition - 32 percent of Jones supporters cite opposition to Moore as the main reason for their support - the smart money may turn out to be on the wrong horse.

Moore has tried to say that Jones is too liberal for Alabama and 29% of the voters in the poll agreed. It's unclear why they are following the Alabama Republican, and if the Moore campaign paid for them as followers. However, those who are "satisfied with the government break for Moore by 41 points (62-21 percent)".

As I mentioned above, Moore became the anti-establishment candidate in the GOP primary, propped up by President Donald Trump's former chief strategist Steve Bannon and former Vice President-nominee Sarah Palin. Not only that, but this could really change things in D.C.

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