Google Calendar updated with modern look and much-needed new features

Google Calendar on the web gets a fresh new look

Google Calendar for web gets a much-needed makeover

A G Suite admin now has the ability to add detailed info about a meeting room in Calendar, such as how many people it can hold or whatever items (projector, etc) are available. The design has a modern color palette, says Google, while being highly responsive and able to adjust itself to match any screen size.

For users of Google Calendar, especially enterprise users, there is a new update for the web client that not only updates the aesthetics but also brings in new features.

The new features will, in some cases, appeal to all users, though others are more relevant to businesses or anyone in charge of business scheduling.

Today Google announced several changes and tweaks to Google Calendar on the web. Employees can view this information by hovering over the room name in Calendar when they book a space.

Furthermore, Google has now made it possible to view contact information for meeting participants when you hover over their names in a Calendar invite, and invites can also now be configured with rich formatting and hyperlinks.

The other big change is the ability to view multiple calendars on the same Day view, which is a big change for any organizations that use multiple different calendars for different workflows.

How often do you use Google Calendar on the web? The handiest of these will now allow you to check out multiple users' calendars side by side for a given day, in order to see how everyone's schedule lines up. Specifically, some changes can be implemented by G Suite administrators.

To access the new version, open up Calendar and click the Use New Calendar option in the upper right-hand corner of the main view.

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