What Astronauts Do When They are Bored in Outer Space

Final frontier fidgeting: Astronauts perform spinner tricks in space (VIDEO)

The astronauts showed tricks of Spinneret in space (video)

He tweeted a video Friday of some fidget spinner experiments onboard the International Space Station. "We will forever be the generation that first sent a fidget spinner into space", jokes another.

NASA astronauts Mark T. Vande Hei, Joseph M. Acaba and Randy Bresnik, along with European Space Agency astronaut Paolo Nespoli, perform a series of flips, spins and tricks with the spinners - which are normally found between the fingertips of kids back on terra firma. The spinner floats around, while continuing to spin, and even spins around itself in some sort of triple spin with no signs of slowing down.

The next step is obviously taking the spinner out of the space station and out among the stars - to see whether it really would spin forever.

Even if you're sick and exhausted of fidget spinners, that's a pretty damn awesome thing to watch.

Fidget spinners are colorful, handheld, pocket-sized toys made of plastic or metal with a ball bearing in the middle that helps spin the outside weights.

The fidget spinners in space do not spin exactly the way they do on Earth. Bresnik wrote. "How long does it spin?"

Indeed, if you watch closely when Bresnik lets go of the spinner and lets it float around, you notice that the NASA logo stands still at first, but quickly starts rotating along with the rest of the device.

Bonus 2: Turns out all YouTube videos about fidget spinners have a fidget spinner loading icon and we only just noticed.

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