United Kingdom man resuscitated after fish jumps down throat

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The fish jumped down his throat
Credit Dorling Kindersley

Fill 1 The fish jumped down his throat Credit Dorling Kindersley

Ian Cowie from the group said: "He was kissing the fish when it jumped down his throat".

Questioning the man's friends further, the paramedic discovered the man had jokingly placed a fish he had just caught over his mouth. The ambulance workers managed in the ambulance to pull the fish from the throat of the victim with the help of tongs.

Sam Quilliam said the fish wiggled free, jumped down his throat, blocked his airway and sent him into cardiac arrest on October 5 at Boscombe Pier in Bournemouth, England. They also were able to restart the angler's heart at the pier after working on him for three minutes, BBC writes.

As Mr Quilliam collapsed and stopped breathing, his friends desperately tried to revive him and were assisted over the phone with performing CPR by an emergency medical dispatcher until paramedic Matt Harrison arrived and took over.

"The boys were giving really good CPR on our arrival as instructed by the control room staff".

It caused a complete obstruction of the man's airways and his face turned blue after the incident on Boscombe Pier in Bournemouth, Dorset.

After the patient arrived at hospital, he was able to respond to some questions, and has since made a full recovery.

Nurse Matt Harrison said: "We need as soon as possible to remove the fish from the patient, otherwise he would not have reached the hospital".

"Utilizing a McGills forceps I could in the long run unstick the tip of the tail and painstakingly, so as not to sever the tail I endeavored to expel it - in spite of the fact that the fish's points and gills were stalling out in transit move down".

Mr Harrison included: "I have never gone to a more odd occurrence and don't think I ever will - yet we're all so happy the patient has no enduring impacts from his heart failure, which could so effectively have had such a lamentable and decimating result".

A spokesman for South Western Ambulance Service added: "Eventually after six attempts the fish came out in one piece and to our amazement it was a whole Dover Sole, measuring approx".

A fisherman has spoken of his relief after he nearly died during a prank when he swallowed a Dover sole he had just caught. The sole just slipped from his fingers and unlucky for him it went straight to the back of his throat. "He couldn't talk or say anything", Mr. Smith said.

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