Trump refers to Virgin Islands governor as its 'president'

Trump Says He Talked to the President of the US Virgin Islands, Who Happens to Be Trump Himself

White House desperately tries to fix Trump's widely-mocked claim he met with 'president of the Virgin Islands'

During his speech at the Values Voter Summit today, President Donald Trump wanted to let the audience know how he was helping all the areas recently hit by hurricanes and storms.

Which is all well and good, except for one small problem: He is the president of the Virgin Islands.

Trump was under fire Friday after saying he'd spoken with the president of the Virgin Islands - who, as many on Twitter were quick to point out, is actually Trump himself.

Trump thinks he is meeting with the leader of a foreign country when he talks to a governor of a U.S. territory. It appears Trump was referring to Kenneth Mapp, the governor of the Virgin Islands, whom the president met with on October 3.

The official White House transcript corrected Trump's remarks by putting "governor" in brackets next to "president".

During a subcommittee hearing, Perry referred to the island territory as a "country." Unlike Trump's gaffe, though, Perry apologized and corrected himself. Earlier this week, Energy Secretary Rick Perry referred to Puerto Rico as a country when meeting with Congress to discuss how to fix the island's energy grid. "They're American natives, so it's not a nation".

"Yeah, that's the reason I called it a territory, ma'am", he replied.

The Virgin Islands were devastated by Hurricane Maria, which also left nearby Puerto Rico nearly entirely without power.

"This pretty much summarizes the mainland confusion about residents in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands actually being U.S. citizens", tweeted reporter Jordyn Holman.

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