IGN have bought Humble Bundle

IGN Purchases Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle Accounces Acquisition by IGN; Will Continue to Operate Independently

Humble Bundle has been acquired by IGN, Gamasutra reports.

IGN announced today the acquisition of games store, games publisher, and games charity outfit Humble Bundle.

According to a press release for the deal, Humble will continue to operate independently with IGN promising some degree of support in regards to Humble's growth.

Humble Bundle, which was launched in 2010, started as a site that sold games to users at pay-what-you-want prices, with the proceeds going to charity. Humble Bundle is now a digital distribution storefront all its own, offering seasonal sales that can compete with Steam and even a subscription service that gives subscribers new games every month. While the platform could do a lot with funding from a media titan like IGN (owned by J2 Media), there's obvious concern over potential conflicts of interest between a game-reviewing publication owning a game-selling retailer. "We don't want to disrupt anything we're doing right already", added Humble Cofounder John Graham. In its announcement post today, Humble Bundle said that things will continue as normal for Humble Bundle and the products it now offers - it'll just have more resources at its disposal thanks to its new owner.

Over the last seven years, Humble Bundle has raised more than $100 million for both independent game developers and a wide range of charities, from the American Red Cross to Wikimedia.

Humble Bundle has been a regular fixture in our Weekend PC Deals feature.

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