Tim Horton's introduces 'spicy' Buffalo latte

Tim Hortons Buffalo Latte

Tim Hortons Buffalo Latte

Tim Hortons, the popular Canadian coffee chain that is making its way across the USA, just introduced a Buffalo Latte-yup, you read that correctly. With actual Buffalo-flavored lattes! The new drink is meant to highlight Tim Horton's new lineup of espresso drinks that include Americanos, cappuccinos and lattes.

"The unlikely pairing of sweet mocha and tangy Buffalo sauce come together to create an unexpectedly delicious sweet and spicy treat we hope our guests will enjoy", said Stephen Goldstein, the chain's USA president.

The whole thing is then topped off with a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkling of 'zesty Buffalo seasoning'.

The Canadian fast food titan has introduced a new trial run at two of its Buffalo, New York locations - the Buffalo Latte! In a press release, the company called mocha and buffalo an "unlikely pairing", but one that makes for "an unexpectedly delicious sweet and spicy treat".

The creative concoction promises to combine a pair of cross-border flavors, mixing the addictive taste of Canada's favorite coffee with America's favorite hot wing topping. Fun fact that makes the insane combo slightly more acceptable: both the sauce and Tim Hortons were created in 1964.

Tim Hortons has recently launched a new espresso line-up featuring premium, handcrafted espresso beverages including lattes, Americanos and cappuccinos - each available hot or iced. The other latte flavors available include caramel, vanilla, mocha, and pumpkin spice.

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