Settlers of Catan Movie In Development At Sony

Settlers of Catan Movie Adaptation Sony

The popular board game is heading to the big screen. Courtesy Facebook

Sony Pictures is now attempting to adapt the 1995 board game The Settlers Of Catan into a feature film.

A feature based on the popular board gameSettlers of Catan is in the works at Sony. Fast forward two years, and Variety now reports that Sony Pictures is in talks to acquire the rights and adapt The Settlers of Catan as a movie. The project will be overseen by Andrea Giannetti (Inferno, Passengers) for Columbia. "It's not every day that you have the opportunity to work in a world beloved by millions of people, and expand its story for the screen".

The game, which was originally designed by Klaus Teuber, has the goal of creating a dominant community in the ever-changing island of Catan. Personally I think most of the fun is in the gameplay and not really the world, but if they can make a full-length movie about emojis, someone will probably pull out something decent with Settlers of Catan. Upon its original release in 1995, game critics in Germany honored Catan with its prestigious game of the year award. However, it's far from a plot-heavy game; aside from a vague mention that you are playing some of the first inhabitants of the island of Catan, there's no real story to speak of. While The LEGO Movie was a massive success both in terms of critical acclaim and its box office returns, films like Battleship, also based on a board game, have done poorly at the box office. While game fans are waiting for its upcoming #Movie Adaptation, it was also learned that Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard were among the high-profile fans of the game. And while it took a few decades, Catan is finally available in big box retailers, where it is sold alongside the flimsy and dated likes of Risk and Scrabble.

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