Premier League rules out playing Christmas Eve match at 16.00 GMT

Liverpool and Arsenal's Christmas Eve clash set for 12.30 kickoff?

Premier League continue discussions over Christmas Eve football with 12.30pm kick-off mooted for Arsenal v Liverpool despite fan objections

Supporters have raised concerns over plans for Arsenal to play Liverpool at 4pm on Christmas Eve.

A final decision over whether any fixtures at all will take place and their eventual starting times will be made later this month, but the prospect of a 16.00 GMT kick-off has been averted after a meeting between the Football Supporters' Federation (FSF) and the Premier League on Tuesday (10 October).

The game is the most likely one that Sky Sports could ask the Premier League to push back from 23rd December to Christmas Eve, which falls on a Sunday, for the objective of a live broadcast.

Arsene Wenger has suggested that Arsenal may have to "adapt" to playing on Christmas Eve. "Even when we have differences of opinion we at least understand each other's point of view".

Sky had the chance to shift games to Christmas Eve in 2000 and 2006 but declined to do so, largely because back then it held exclusive rights to the English top-flight.

Currently, Sky Sports and BT Sport share broadcasting rights of the Premier League and they ensure their matches do not clash with each company having dedicated slots. It is understood a "lunchtime start" for a game that would be shown live by Sky Sports is being discussed "amid the logistical problems of staging it" on December 24 and "supporter opposition to the scheduling".

"Personally I would prefer to be at my home and celebrate Christmas, but I still feel that could happen if we played early on [Christmas Eve]", the Frenchman added.

However, Premier League executive chairman Richard Scudamore insists they will trial two matches being shown at the same time, firstly with mid-week fixtures.

Early discussions between the Premier League and its clubs have focussed around broadcasting more matches through the week and on Bank Holidays.

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