Original Xbox Backward Compatibility is "really close", says Phil Spencer


Microsoft reminds everyone that the Xbox One S still exists with four new bundles

A lot of the data is third-party data so I can't really tell you how many people are playing a certain game; it's not my game.

"Join us at participating store locations, including flagship Microsoft Stores in NY and Sydney as well as Microsoft Store at Bellevue Square Mall and Microsoft Store at University Village, and be one of the first to get hands-on with Xbox One X", Microsoft's Bryan Schmit writes.

REUTERS/Lucy NicholsonPhil Spencer, head of Xbox, announces backwards compatibility to play all Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One during game publisher Microsoft's Xbox media briefing before the opening day of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Sony's reasoning on not allowing cross-play is that the company is only looking out for the safety of its users, and fears what could happen over networks they have no control over. In fact, in a recent interview with GameSpot, Xbox chief Phil Spencer went as far as to say that "it's not for everybody", much like the Xbox One Elite controller before it. That reason is not going to go away.

There is no doubt in my mind that a certain segment of the market will be giddy about the Xbox One X. Anyone who has a 4K TV and is desperate for 4K content will probably be tempted to snag an Xbox One X when it launches on November 7th.

Speaking generally about the appeal of cross-play, Spencer said it allows the multiplayer environments for games to stay rich, because the player pools are larger than they otherwise might be. I don't think everybody is taking that same approach to the ecosystem.

"I think people look at [cross-play] and say is it better for gamers. If it's better for gamers, I have a hard time thinking why we shouldn't go do this, especially when you're trying to make the gaming business a bigger business; grow it, get more games, create more opportunity", he said. Nevertheless, the Xbox executive pointed out that he is "never going to call anything a lost cause". And he's a big advocate of cross-platform gaming in general, which would lead us to suspect we'll see more Xbox Live and Windows 10 PC cross-play games before to long. "So I don't know what would change".

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