Italian librarian gets sick pay to look after her dog

Italian dog owner wins sick pay for looking after pet

Italian dog owner wins sick pay for looking after pet

An Italian academic and dog owner has won the right to sick pay, after she took time off work to care for her poorly pet.

The unnamed academic, from Rome's La Sapienza University, won the case partly because of Italy's animal rights laws.

The woman asked the University about the two-day paid leave, however, asked to justify your request, because the earlier leave for the care of animals was not provided.

Italian League antivivisection (one of Europe's largest organizations for the protection of animal rights) has helped the scientific employee with this case.

She had two paid days off and the judge said that despite it being for a dog, the university's rules say she can take them for "serious or family personal reasons".

Their argument was underpinned by a provision in Italy's penal code that provides for people who abandon an animal to "grave suffering" to be jailed for a year and fined up to €10,000.

The woman said Cucciola is recovering well from her operation.

Gianluca Felicette, president of the LAV, said anyone who obtains a vet's certificate should enjoy the same benefit, citing Cucciola's case as a defining moment.

"Now, with the necessary veterinary certification, those in the same situation will be able to cite this important precedent".

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