Ezekiel Elliott's 6-Game Suspension Back On ... For Now

Appeals court rules against Elliott, clears way for suspension

Appeals court reinstates Ezekiel Elliott's six-game suspension by NFL

A federal appeals court Thursday cleared the way for the National Football League to enforce a six-game suspension against Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott over a domestic violence case.

This comes after Hill reported on September 13 that the National Football League attempted to accelerate the appeal process of the injunction of Elliott's six-game suspension.

The Cowboys happen to be on a bye week - which gives Zeke's team some time to counterpunch and fight the ruling. It vacates the preliminary injunction and directs an order to the lower court to dismiss the case.

When the union filed its case in defense of Elliott in Texas, the N.F.L. filed a separate motion in the Southern District of NY, where it argued that that court was the appropriate venue for the league and players to settle their disputes. "If it is denied, he is likely to play the rest of the season as the suit challenging the NFL's "fairness" in the appeal of the suspension moves to trial". However, the star running back is bound to appeal or file a motion for a new injunction, allowing him to play while the suspension is argued in court.

In it's majority decision, 5th Circuit judges Edward C. Prado and Jennifer Walker Elrod ruled that the NFLPA filed its lawsuit to have Elliott's suspension dissolved before an arbitration decision was made on the decision. Elliott can not show it was futile to wait for a final decision simply because he believed the arbitrator would issue an unfavorable ruling.

The 22-year-old Elliott was suspended by Commissioner Roger Goodell in August after the league concluded following a yearlong investigation that he had several physical confrontations last summer with his girlfriend at the time.

Elliott was not present at that hearing.

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