'Dragon Age' director Mike Laidlaw leaves BioWare after 14 years

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Dragon Age Inquisition BioWare Electronic Arts

Mike Laidlaw, the creative director on BioWare's Dragon Age series, has left the studio. He had been hired by BioWare as a guest writer on a Dragon Age project.

Laidlaw says that he's been lucky to work with so many talented and hardworking people, and that he looks forward to seeing where the studio takes the Dragon Age universe in the future. Laidlaw has worked on blockbuster role-playing game series Dragon Age (a fantasy romp) and Mass Effect (a sci-fi franchise). He didn't mention a reason for leaving other than that it is time to move on, even as his exit follows DA:I lead writer David Gaider, who left the company early previous year.

For the near future, I plan to spend my time reconnecting with all the fantastic games and worlds that my peers have created, and I look forward to sharing those experiences with you on Twitch and Twitter. You've made my time "in Thedas" incredible. Though BioWare has some of the greatest talent in the entire video game industry, losing one always hurts. Considering he's been hard at work for 14 years, though, that's quite a backlog to go through. Laidlaw also has a Twitch account, which he references in his goodbye message, so it looks like he will spend time streaming and connecting with fans.

He was lead designer of the first two Dragon Age games before taking the mantle of creative director for Inquisition.

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