Bethesda Reveals The Evil Within 2 Launch Trailer

The Evil Within 2's launch trailer shows off a house of horrors

The Evil Within 2 Launch Trailer Shows Sebastian's Guilt And Adversaries

Bethesda has released the official launch trailer for The Evil Within 2, and the scenes in the trailer will give you nightmares. A third-person, survival horror game filled with chilling scares and gritty encounters, it focused on Sebastian Castellanos and his journey through a distorted world chock-full of traps and monsters.

In the first game, Sebastion lost everything in his search.

In The Evil Within 2, Sebastian Castellanos must once again confront unspeakable horrors within the nightmare born from the infamous alternate reality, STEM. "Sebastian must rescue Lily before everything falls apart and they are both lost in STEM", says Bethesda. It's a tough life for Sebastian, but it's your duty to keep him alive throughout the adventure and help him save his daughter, Lily.

Developer Tango Gameworks promises The Evil Within 2 will deliver greater freedom alongside the series' trademark scares.

Will be pleased to know that The Evil Within 2 will be launching tomorrow on Friday the 13th 2017 bringing with it horrifying treats for gamers to enjoy.

Those looking forward to the launch of the new horror game created by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda Softworks offering a sequel to the popular The Evil Within, and will be playable on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

As always, I'm sure videos on day one and beyond will show how buggy or complete the game is and whether it has significant gameplay elements or not.

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