Orders 166 phones and claims refund

Shivam Chopra a hotel management graduate allegedly sought refunds on 225 mobile phones and managed to trick the company into making a refund on 166 occasions

21-year-old youth dupes Amazon India

He made a decision to order two phones as a test.

A complaint registered this year on behalf of Amazon Seller Services Private Limited first raised eyebrows in June when it was revealed that refunds had been claimed for as many as 166 mobile phones that had been ordered between April and May, on the claims that the delivery packages were empty.

During an internal inquiry by the company, it was found that the accused used 141 phone numbers and 48 customer accounts to place these orders and a refund was sought against each of those, they said.

All the orders were purchased through gift cards and after receiving the product, the accused used to cancel the orders claiming that he had had received empty boxes to claim refunds.

The police on Wednesday arrested a 21-year-old for duping online store Amazon by claiming that he received empty boxes on the purchase of expensive smartphones.

Now, he used to order another smartphone with the gift voucher, and sell off the handset received earlier to black markets such as Gaffar area in North-West Delhi, or at Olx/Quikr portals.

A 21-year-old Delhi based boy named Shivam Chopra made nearly 50 lakhs just in two months April and May 2017 from Amazon.

According to the Newspaper, He used to order costly mobile phones of different companies like Samsung, i-phone, 1 Plus, etc", DCP north-west Milind Mahadeo Dumbere said."The company alleged that a total of 166 orders for mobile phones were placed. After placing the order from some random area he would guide the delivery man to a place where he would accept the package and pay with cash.

According to the reports, the accused would give a false address in the locality in which he resided.

As per police, Amazon grew suspicious after the refund request started originating from the same location in Delhi's North West region. He got enthused after being successful in claiming for refunds in two of the cases.

19 mobile phones, 12 lakhs in cash and 40 bank passbooks and cheques have been seized from Shivam's house.

The accused was then identified with the help of Amazon's delivery persons, and the locals and by tracing the multiple numbers that were used to place the orders and Shivam was arrested on October 6.

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