Kyrie Irving Excited to Play in a 'Real, Live Sports City'

Celtics' Kyrie Irving happy to be in Boston

Kyrie Irving slams Cleveland in favor of Boston

When the deal between Cleveland and Boston was finally completed after a hang-up with Isaiah Thomas" injured hip, Irving released a special "thank you' to the city of Cleveland.

"Boston, I'm driving in and (thinking), 'I'm really playing in a real, live sports city?'" Irving told reporters Wednesday, in comments published by The Charlotte Observer.

Irving, of course, cemented Cleveland's first professional sports title in 52 years by hitting a game-winning 3-pointer with 53 seconds left in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals.

Irving sees a "vast difference" between life in Boston and Cleveland, where he spent the first six years of his National Basketball Association career.

The boos were already set to rain down on Kyrie Irving during his Celtics debut in Cleveland on Tuesday, but the former Cavs guard just ensured they'll be even louder.

"It's exciting to be back on the East Coast", Irving said.

"It's a challenge when you've got a new team and you want to incorporate stuff.You want to see what works". I was talking to my best friend the other day: It's a really major city.

"I just moved in to a whole new place, I've been there a month or so". Coming from Cleveland, the Midwest, where the culture is different.

Kyrie Irving plays for the Boston Celtics now, and based on an interview he recently gave to the Boston Globe, he's come to realize something that a lot of young people who leave the midwest have: that big cities are fun to live in. Consistently. No matter what hour throughout the night. Not only does he have a good team around him, but he gets to do things his way.

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