This is Oculus Go: Standalone VR for just $199

Sean Hollister  CNET

Sean Hollister CNET

We'll be looking to see the latest on the company's standalone VR headset, which was revealed in prototype form previous year, as well as new games and updates to the entire Oculus platform.

Oculus has revealed its newest headset, Oculus Go, aiming to bridge the gap between mobile-based virtual reality headsets and PC-tethered versions.

More details on the Oculus Go are expected in early 2018.

Oculus executive Hugo Barra described the headset as way to enable VR for everyday use.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to get a billion people to live and play in VR. There's no phone or PC required, and it's much more affordable when compared to existing VR headsets on the market. So, Santa Cruz is a separate, distinct product from Oculus Go. However, this headset seems a little different from that prototype. The company's upcoming Oculus Go headset costs $199, which is less than all of the Windows Mixed Reality headsets that are launching next week.

When Oculus' new headset becomes available to developers it'll also ship with 6 DoF controllers which look quite similar to Microsoft's design.

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