Taylor Swift Is Launching Her Own App to Connect With Fans!

Taylor Swift

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Get ready to live more of the Swift Life with Taylor Swift.

Her new app The Swift Life is a partnership with Glu, best known for cash-grab celebrity mobile games like Katy Perry Pop, Britney Spears: American Dream, Nicki Minaj: The Empire, and the crown jewel, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

The design seems to take inspiration from Instagram and Tumblr and promises exclusive content from Swift that fans won't find on other social networks. Honestly, it looks a lot like the absolutely bonkers app that actor Jeremy Renner released earlier this year. That's not it. Taylor is also said to be launching her very own emoji set called "Taymojis", because she can. And though her direct interactions with fans have cooled down a bit in a year when she's considerably reduced her public persona, Swift still has a devoted, highly interactive fan-base.

There's no indication of whether fans will make in-app purchases on The Swift Life. Like a Facebook or Twitter post, fans can also like each other's comments and those that the singer drops in. Either way, it feels like it was inevitable.

And in case you somehow forgot, since she's only released two, deeply mediocre songs (both of which have forced me to replay the first half of Speak Now to remember where she came from), Taylor Swift's Reputation is out in a little less than a month, on November 10.

The folks at Glu have "developed" an app that places Taylor Swift at the center of a social media app called The Swift Life. I mean, I hope.

The Swift Life is set to launch in beta sometime in late 2017. "It would be... preferable if you did", she adds in mock self-effacement.

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