Hotel questions revised timeline of Las Vegas massacre

Attorneys Representing Families Affected By The Route 91 Harvest Festival Vegas Shooting Incident.

New Findings in Las Vegas Massacre Shed Light on How the Tragedy Happened

An engineer at the Mandalay Bay hotel who dodged rounds in the hallway as Stephen Paddock began the worst mass shooting in modern USA history spoke out for the first time Wednesday, saying he is "incredibly blessed" to escape alive. But the typical investigative avenues that have previously helped uncover motives in past shootings have yielded few clues. That closeted existence has covered the trail for investigators. "All those things that you would expect to find, we have not found", Lombardo says. The sheriff also confirmed investigators are talking with Paddock's brother Eric Paddock, who traveled to Las Vegas, and continue to speak with the shooter's girlfriend, Marilou Danley, to get insight.

The six minutes that passed between the hallway shooting and the start of the shooting into the crowd wouldn't have been enough time for officers to stop the attack, said Ron Hosko, a former Federal Bureau of Investigation assistant director who has worked on SWAT teams.

Roberts believes the security guard was shot at 9:59 p.m., six minutes before the mass killer turned his attention to the outside.

Metro says Campos also heard drilling, so he called dispatch who sent a maintenance man, and that's when the shooter Stephen Paddock shot at them through his suite doors.

The sheriff also said gunman Stephen Paddock checked in to Mandalay Bay on September 25, three days earlier than first reported. He said Monday he didn't know what prompted Paddock to end his deadly gunfire.

Lombardo said investigators are making progress daily, and that doctors began Paddock's autopsy on Tuesday but have not noted any brain abnormalities.

Police did not know Campos was shot until they met him in the hallway of the 32nd floor after getting off the elevator, Lombardo said.

"I would not make that assumption", Lombardo said.

Lombardo said the Federal Bureau of Investigation is still evaluating Paddock's mental state.

"He called it in before" the attack began, possibly using a hallway phone to contact hotel security, said Roberts. He killed himself after the attack.

In this case, there was no suicide note, no manifesto, no evidence the gunman was motivated by any ideology and Paddock has no clear presence on social media, police said.

Lombardo added that the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit was compiling a comprehensive picture of Paddock, a known high-stakes gambler who was once prescribed Valium "for anxiousness".

"This individual purposely hid his actions leading up to this event, and it is hard for us to find the answers", said Lombardo, who said he was frustrated with the speed of the investigation.

People left behind thousands of items, Clark County Emergency Manager John Steinbeck said.

But even as investigators work to try to figure out what might've led Paddock to commit the shooting, there may never be a clear answer. Paddock apparently detected Campos via surveillance cameras he set up outside his hotel suite, police have said. "You want people to be afraid of what you believe and what you do".

"It's very confusing to me that they are just discovering this a week later", she said.

"He may even find some solace knowing that, 'I've left so few footprints, they're going to have a helluva time figuring out who I am.' And that, in his challenged mind, might bring him a awful level of satisfaction", he said.

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