Apple Reportedly Partners With LG To Create A Foldable iPhone In 2020

Apple reportedly partnering with LG for folding iPhone

Apple foldable OLED iPhone ditches Samsung

Samsung is speculated to make a lot of cash from sales of Apple's iPhone X. Like, a lot. The company might introduce the tech giant into the production foray in the last few months, but as of right now, only the Cupertino manufacturer and LG Display are aware of what sort of design is expected. LG is also believed to have completed its foldable OLED panel prototype two or three years ago and has been improving its durability and the yield rate ever since.

According to a new report from The Investor, Apple has chosen LG Display as its supplier for foldable OLED displays.

A partnership between Apple and LG isn't a huge surprise. The report also claims Apple is considering investing in an LG plant that would produce the flexible OLED displays, which seems likely. In that sphere, LG has been making moves and has the potential to get ahead, which could be why Apple may be looking to tap LG's services for a future smartphone product.

Currently, Apple's only OLED supplier for the iPhone X is Samsung Display.

Apple now relies on Samsung as its sole supplier of OLED displays used in the upcoming iPhone X, although the company is working on adding LG to the mix in an effort to increase production and lower cost. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Samsung is charging Apple way more for each OLED unit.

Though Samsung is now dominating the mobile OLED market, it's yet to commercialize flexible OLED displays.

So, why not just go with Samsung Display and get it out sooner?

Looks like Apple might lose the race against Samsung when it comes to releasing a foldable flagship but at least the company will know that its secrets are kept safe for the time being.

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