"Amazon launches 7" waterproof Kindle Oasis with Audible integration, starting at $250

Amazon's New Kindle Oasis Syncs Audible With Kindle And Safely Works In The Bath

Kindle Oasis 2 vs Oasis: What's new in the 2017 model?

During a demo of the new device last week, Amazon confirmed to VentureBeat that the very same Audible integration will be added to the first-generation Kindle Oasis that launched past year - via an over-the-air (OTA) update in the coming months. Amazon will sell water-safe covers that start at $44.99 and leather covers at $59.99. We haven't seen any of these yet, but we'll try some out for our full review. A bigger panel gives you more space for the text and it does make reading easier on the eyes. The size boost looks to be Amazon's way of differentiating the Kindle in a world where large-screen smartphones are becoming the norm, and the addition of waterproofing should only be a good thing. The previous Kindle Oasis started at $289 for 4GB of storage.

The £230 device gets a price cut from the £270 of last year's Kindle Oasis, but is still significantly more expensive than the company's other Kindles, which cost £60 and £110.

With Whispersync, Amazon saves and synchronises your last read page, allowing you to pick up instantly where you left off whether you're reading or listening.

It's not a necessary feature as you won't often be washing off your ereader, but it's an added bonus to know your Kindle will be protected when you're using it next to a pool. The older Oasis and standard Kindle will also get access to Audible through a software update that will be released in the coming months. At it's thinnest point it measures an impressive 3.4mm.

Though some earlier versions of the Kindle supported audiobook playback, replete with built-in speakers and headphone jacks, you certainly couldn't flip effortlessly between a text-based book and the audio counterpart of that same book without switching to the Kindle or Audible mobile apps.

Both the Kindle Oasis 2 and its predecessor share the same basic DNA, but there are some noticeable changes in the updated version.

That means you'll be able to read physically on the screen but then switch it over to the audiobook while you're on a walk and seamlessly switch back when you have a chance to read on the screen again.

Amazon added all sorts of customization options in the settings so that you can make the book look exactly how you want it to.

If you're also planning to use the Oasis for your audiobooks, it's likely you'll want the larger 32GB version to ensure you have enough room for all of your titles.

"Kindle" has indeed become synonymous with "e-reader" over the past decade, but that doesn't mean Amazon will enjoy the same kind of Kindle success over the next 10 years.

Unlike the original Oasis, the all-new Oasis has a battery life measured in weeks, not hours, lasting an impressive six weeks.

Kindles have come a long way since the Kindle 1 arrived back in November 2007. And if you've just got to have cellular connectivity, you can nab that together with 32GB of storage for $350/£320.

The Kindle Oasis (2017) looks to be the best ereader the retailer has ever produced, bringing in genuinely useful upgrades such as a waterproof design and the ability to have audiobooks loaded up and ready to go. We're glad you asked...

If you already procured a new Kindle past year, you're in luck, too.

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