Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch Rocks An "Everybody vs Trump" T-Shirt Before Game

Marshawn Lynch sports 'Everybody vs. Trump' t-shirt

Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch arrives in 'Everybody vs. Trump' t-shirt

Marshawn Lynch is not a fan of President Donald Trump, and he has the T-shirt to prove it.

Lynch has been sitting during the national anthem this season, but has not given a direct reason for the move, according to Yahoo Sports. Aside from his T-shirt selection on Sunday, he has been seen taking a seat for the national anthem on multiple occasions throughout his career, though he doesn't address his repeat decision publicly. This is something that has become quite controversial within the National Football League and has sparked major debate after President Trump said players who sit or kneel during the anthem should be fired.

Almost every member of the Raiders sat during the national anthem at their game last week. The only thing I can ask them to do is do it with class.

On Sept. 22, Trump said that players who protest racial inequality by refusing to stand for the anthem should be fired. Lynch wore an anti-Trump shirt before the game.

Those comments were met with even more kneeling during last week and they continued during this week's games.

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