Hurricane Maria to bring unsafe winds and swells to United States coast

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Hurricane Maria's center nearing Turks, Caicos Islands with wind speeds near 125 mph

That movement should continue for a couple days, then the storm will turn northeast and head out toward the middle Atlantic.

Some of the USA coast may be under a tropical storm or hurricane watch later Sunday, the center said. But does that mean that the threat from Maria is over? It should not be a threat to land according to the hurricane center. It could actually be increasing for parts of the East Coast.

However, swells formed by Maria have increased along portions of the southeastern United States Coast and Bermuda.

As forecast models show Hurricane Maria shifting west, there are concerns as to whether the hurricane will impact the Carolinas. Either way, beaches up and down the east coast will experience risky surf and ocean conditions from Maria.

"Maria is not causing the rain directly, but is helping create the winds bringing the rain in from the sea, and Maria's closeness is stirring up the ocean", News 6 weather anchor Danny Treanor said.

Maria will continue to parallel the US southeast coast through Tuesday as it moves north.

"Doesn't look like a landfall in the Carolinas but direct impacts on the Outer Banks is increasing", Panovich says.

High temperatures on Saturday soared to near 90 degrees across much of the area, with the Lehigh Valley International Airport reaching a high of 90 degrees for the first time since August 22nd.

Millions of people in the Caribbean are still reeling from Hurricane Maria's devastation. Typically, we would expect a hurricane passing over or near Cape Hatteras to swirl down cooler air with its counterclockwise flow, but in this case, the warm high pressure is building north and northwest of us, so the source of cooler air in Canada is cut off.

HURRICANE MARIA UPDATE: Hurricane Maria is east of the Bahamas and a major hurricane as a Category 3.

There's also another named storm in the Atlantic, far to the east of Maria.

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