Philippine president says to lift martial law once Marawi conflict over

Marawi Philippines

Marawi Philippines

According to media reports, opposition politicians have said that the police force has become even more abusive under Duterte, who vowed to protect law enforcement authorities from criminal prosecution.

The statement comes amid an allegation that Paolo Duterte is connected with an global drug cartel that attempted to ship $125 million worth of crystal methamphetamine from China to Manila in May.

Duterte responded to the allegations by assuring that his son would not be spared if he was caught up in the controversial war on drugs, which has claimed the lives of thousands in the span of a year.

Unfazed with the massive protests in Rizal Park, Manila yesterday, Duterte also reiterated that there will be no letup in the campaign against drugs despite the "unnecessary deaths" without directly referring to the killings of teenagers Kian delos Santos, Carlo Angelo Arnaiz and Reynaldo de Guzman.

"If we do not remember the past, we are condemned to repeat it", she said.

Tempest Wind, it said, had been approved by the Mutual Defense Board and Security Engagement Board (MDB-SEB) back in November 2016.

Duterte himself actually declared Thursday to be an official "Day of Protest", inviting "all those who want to protest against the government, the police, everyone" to take to the streets. To date, Philippine police have reported killing almost 4,000 drug offenders, and thousands more have died in unexplained circumstances.

"If I have children who are into drugs, kill them so people will not have anything to say", Duterte said Wednesday night while speaking before government workers in Manila.

At a September 7th Senate hearing, his 42-year-old son Paolo "Pulong" Duterte was accused of being involved in smuggling approximately US$ 125 million worth of crystal methamphetamine into the country, Deutsche Welle reported.

"I can say to people, 'There, you keep talking". "That's my son's corpse".

President Rodrigo Duterte needs no "extraordinary powers" and he should lift the declaration placing the entire Mindanao under martial law, several groups said in Thursday's protest marking the 45th anniversary of martial law.

Duterte's enduring popularity testifies to the belief of many Filipinos that their problems with drug dealers and insurgents are severe enough to warrant the harsh measures Duterte has taken.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's congressional allies have restored the budget of the nation's human rights commission following an outcry over their vote last week to slash its annual funding to just $20.

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