Melania Trump focuses on children during United Nations luncheon address


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Melania Trump had said before the election she would work to combat cyberbullying if her husband were elected president, and Wednesday's speech touched on that issue. "And as we all know, the future of every nation rests with the promise of their young people".

Trump, hosting the other spouses of world leaders, called on the group to help her with her cause to assist children all over the globe.

"Listening to her talk about - remember our kids are watching and listening, remember that they need to follow our own examples - those of house have kids and can't show them some of the retweets by the president of the United States because we don't think it's appropriate to condone hitting a golf ball at a former competitor and knocking them over, see that there's more than a little bit of irony here".

- Ahmed Baba (@AhmedBaba_) September 20, 2017 Melania Trump talking about cyber bullying when her husband is the absolute worst offender is just Twilight Zone worthy.

"We must turn our focus right now to the message and content they are exposed to on a daily basis through social media-the bullying-the experience online and in person".

"If we do not advocate a love of country to our children and the generations to come", she asked, "then why would our children grow up to fight for our country's founding principles and moral truth?" As adults, we are not merely responsible, we are accountable.

"All too often it is the weakest, most innocent and vulnerable among us - our children - who ultimately suffer the most from the challenges that plague our societies", Trump said, flanked on either side by the American and United Nations' flags and sporting a neon pink bell-sleeved dress.

On Wednesday, the first lady's head table featured the spouses of French President Emmanuel Macron, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Finnish President Sauli Niinisto, among others.

Although Trump spoke about the dangers of cyberbullying, she became a victim of the very behavior she is trying to end.

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