Equifax suffered another breach in March

Equifax Lets Go Of Two Execs; Wealthy Victims Could Be At Risk After Breach

Equifax Breach Leads to CIO, CSO Departures as Investigation Continues

Next, Weidner accuses Equifax of waiting "more than a month" after discovering the breach before making the announcement.

Equifax on September 7 revealed that criminals "exploited a USA website application vulnerability" to gain access to credit card numbers, dispute documents with personal identifying information, names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and some driver's license numbers. Reeve says get your credit reports from all three reporting agencies (yes even Equifax.) You should be able to see if there are any unusual things on the report.

Equifax did not provide additional information about the March breach, but journalist Brian Krebs reported that between April 2016 and March 2017, hackers accessed tax records through Equifax subsidiary TALX, a payroll and tax service provider.

Security breach disclosure laws require businesses to disclose hacks if they include personal identifiable information like social security numbers, drivers licenses or state IDs.

This new flim-flam game involves despicable parasites pretending to represent Equifax and asking for personal and financial information over the phone. In addition to the concerns about the breach itself, they said they were also questioning the company's service terms for consumers affected by the breach, fees, confusing messages to consumers on its website and inadequate call center resources.

"This breach is much more severe, in the sense that they got all of your personal information, not just maybe your credit card number that could be canceled, and then reissued on you". For people who don't want credit freezes, Equifax should offer free credit monitoring for an unlimited amount of time. If you decide against a security freeze, consider placing a fraud alert on your credit report. Someone opened a cell phone account and credit cards in her name after her identity was stolen.

In a letter to the company, they're asking Equifax to disable links for enrollment in its fee-based monitoring and they're asking Equifax to reimburse consumers who incur fees to freeze their credit, according to the release.

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