Gurgaon Woman Repeatedly Slaps Soldier, Now Arrested

Screenshot from YouTube

Screenshot from YouTube

A woman, arrested for allegedly attacking two Armymen near Rajokri flyover on Monday in an apparent case of road rage, was granted bail on Friday.

A woman who was caught slapping an Army JCO on the streets of Delhi on September 9, has now issued an apology for her act.

In the complaint, the army subedar alleged that auto was driven by the accused Smriti Kalra in a zigzag manner ahead of them and despite giving horn, the vehicle refused to give them way.

The incident took place around 1.30pm on September 11 when an Army group was on its way from the National Security Guards base at Manesar to Nizamuddin railway station. After a junior commissioned officer filed an FIR, police had taken in 44-year-old Smriti Kalra from her home in Gurgaon. The army subedar asked him to talk to Kalra to explain the situation. He tried to speak to the woman but she held his collar, slapped him and hurled abuses at him. She came to the truck and banged on the windows. Cops are claiming that she was unhappy with the driver of the army truck.

Kalra got off from her vehicle while continuing to hurl abuses.

While this was happening, a traffic jam had built up and many people were standing there. The Army subedar's colleagues had also got down.

The army subedar has now submitted a video recording of the incident to the police.

According to police, the woman got out of her auto and slapped the JCO, who was in uniform and was driving an official vehicle, after a minor brush between the two vehicles.

Kalra was arrested from her Gurugram residence, where she lives with her parents.

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