Simran movie review: Kangana Ranaut is fantastic in Hansal Mehta's engaging film

Kangana Ranaut in Simran

Kangana Ranaut in Simran

Kangana Ranaut who has played the roles of strong women-oriented characters is also seen doing a similar act in Simran. Everyone else in the film is overshadowed by Kangana, the way director Hansal Mehta might have willed it. Simran is a Kangana film, understood.

Though impressive, the trailers reminded us of her coming of age, free spirited Rani in Queen (2014).

If anyone wants a really quick review of Simran, here it is: Fifty Shades of Kangana Ranaut.

Before going to buy the Simran movie tickets, do read our reviews about this movie from the live audience and decide weather its a good choice for you or not. Or that she is saving up for her own house.

Replying to a media query on Ranaut's allegations of harassment by Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, she said she had called her up after she came to know about the allegations.

Praful has an altercation with her old-fashioned father (Hiten Kumar, looking every inch a non-Gujarati!) and on the rebound, decides to go to Las Vegas, Nevada, for a bachelorette party of her cousin (Aneesha Joshi, impressive in a minor cameo).

She reaches the gambling table to pursue a guy she is taken by, where a game of baccarat is underway. She has saved up money and the future looks promising. Back in the day she was typecast as the problem child, who has a dark past, now she's trapped playing the bohemian wild child with an unpredictable personality. Trouble looms large and it's either a payback with money or life! Praful, much to her parents dismay, will not bend, will not conform, will not compromise. Sandeep's moniker was Bombshell Bandit, Praful goes by Lipstick Bandit. Will this be an end to her struggles or will this create more havoc in her personal life? Honestly, Ranaut has done far better "just let me be" scenes as an actor than in Simran. Its her another hit after tanu weds manu returns. As a result, Bahl spent time building and nourishing other characters in his movie, revealing his protagonist through the interactions she has with them. She pretty much holds the entire film on her solo shoulders and does a decent job. Her mother answered, "If you are a good girl, you get a boyfriend".

It won't try to treat a woman as a overtly sexualised object, it won't try to make her a grand feminist hero who has fellow women squealing "who rule d world", it will just be a story about a regular woman.

Kangana Ranaut took the silver screen with a storm with her recent release Simran. She wants it because it's a minority housing bargain, and the divorcee can't wait to move out of her parents' house and do her own thing. She doesn't fear rejection from the opposite sex and that comes from a space of self-respect, self-love and confidence. Despite Praful carrying out many bank robberies (more easily than we all legally withdraw money!), no one ever spots the culprit's automobile number as there is not a soul outside the banks (and no one is rushing out) when Praful runs away in her auto.

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