Apple quietly raises prices of iPad Pro

Apple's iPad Pro just got more expensive due to NAND flash shortage

It's not just Apple's iPhones that are getting more expensive

As of this writing, the 10.5-inch iPad Pro in 256GB and 512GB configurations that had cost $749 and $949, respectively, are now on sale for $799 and $999.

Hopefully, iPad Pro prices will come back down once the NAND supply stabilises, but when that will be is uncertain.

Apple has not announced any changes to the iPad models that would merit such a price hike, so it all appears a little arbitrary.

After unveiling a deluge of new products last night, Apple has made a decision to quietly increase the prices of some of its iPad Pro models.

The prices for the 64GB models of both iPad Pro tablets has not been increased. Perhaps it has decided margins on the professional tablets aren't wide enough? Beginning today, the 256GB and 512GB options for both models of iPad Pro will be $50 more expensive. According to The Verge, global pricing on the iPad Pro has also gone up.

Apple has also increased the price of the tablets in more countries, these include the United Kingdom and Australia. If you're interested in a cellular iPad Pro, you'll need to add a further $130 in each case.

We've reached out to Apple for confirmation on the price hike and will update this article if a response is forthcoming.

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