MTV reality star Farrah Abraham documents vaginal rejuvenation procedure on Instagram

Farrah Abraham

'Like You're 16 Again!': Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham Documents Her 'Vaginal Rejuvenation' on Instagram

MTV's Teen Mom OG star took to Instagram on Sunday to reveal she had undergone a vaginal rejuvenation procedure, and she gave her 970K followers a very candid look at the process. This week, the reality TV star opened up about having a non-invasive procedure that is created to refresh her "lady parts" in a video on Instagram.

Additionally, the center posted a candid video with Abraham explaining the procedure.

Basically, she uses a device that will break up collagen in her vagina, making it feel like she's 16 down there again.

Abraham's followers were quick to post their opinions on the appointment. She was shown laying on a table, wearing a sparkling, silver bra with her legs and torso covered by a thin sheet.

While others came to the reality star's defense. "My god.poor little Sophia", another user wrote.

Earlier this month, Abraham shared a clip from a different vaginal rejuvenation procedure (more invasive) on Instagram, saying she's "had some work done recently".

Another said:"Oh, I was hoping you were having a smear test as that would be a great example for young women... but... no".

Another person wrote: "What kind of mother cares about her body more than her own child? you're not even 30 yet and you're gettting all of this surgery. you're a disgrace to yourself, your own daughter, and as a human, period! smdh".

Another simply asked, "Aren't you like 25?"

Others called for her to keep this kind of thing private: "I understand you're a mom and need the procedure for personal reasons but why make it public? Why do you need this?"

She previously had plastic surgery done to augment her nose, chin, and breasts. She also shared pics on Twitter in 2015 of an allergic reaction she had to lip implants.

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