Trump thanks Bannon for his 'service'

2017 Steve Bannon chief White House strategist to President Donald Trump is seen in Harrisburg Pa. The Campaign Legal Center is complaining in a letter to the White House that Bannon may be illegally accepting outside prof

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'I want to thank Steve Bannon for his service.

Bannon, said Bossie, was able to put the Trump campaign together and help get it across the finish line.

Administration officials said Trump empowered new chief of staff, John F. Kelly, to fire Bannon in an effort to tame warring factions and bring stability to a White House at risk of caving under its self-destructive tendencies.

Bannon, an economic nationalist and former executive chairman of Breitbart News, once described the right-wing news outlet as a platform for the "alt-right", a term that has become associated with white supremacy.

His comments on Muslims, anti-establishment views and his alleged ties to white supremacists made him a controversial figure across the U.S. political spectrum, including within Trump's Republican party. It'll be something else.

The removal of the former Breitbart editor as Trump's chief strategist marks a remarkable rise and fall for a rightwing ideologue regarded by some as the power behind the throne. "Mr. Bannon came on very much later than that", Trump said before adding, "but we'll see what happens with Mr. Bannon".

Bannon told the Weekly Standard that a large part of his role at the White House was to take on the Republican establishment, which Trump agreed with. The US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson immediately and publicly disagreed with Bannon, saying, the country was "prepared militarily" to North Korea.

Trump accepted Bannon's resignation on Friday, ending a turbulent seven months for his chief strategist, the latest to depart from the president's administration in turmoil. The suggestion reportedly annoyed Trump, and within weeks Bannon was dropped from his position on the National Security Council.

He reportedly told the Weekly Standard that he had always meant to resign a year from his start date and return to Breitbart. "I've got my hands back on my weapons", he said, "it's Bannon the Barbarian". There's no doubt. I built a f***ing machine at Breitbart.

Bill Maher doesn't understand "why lazy white people can't keep a job" in the White House these days. "And rev it up we will do".

Over the weekend, McMaster refused to say whether he would continue to work with Bannon.

Bannon told Bloomberg's Joshua Green that he was prepared to "go to war" for President Trump.

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