Trump Mocked on Twitter for "Heel" Typo

Screen capture

Screen capture

It took US President Donald Trump a whopping three tries to correctly spell a particularly innocuous word in a set of tweets, which has now resulted in the world tapping into their creative juices and generating humor from the snafus. Namely, despite already coming under scrutiny for his trio of widely-criticized responses to the violence in Charlottesville, Trump entirely ignored the thousands of peaceful anti-racist citizens who turned out against white supremacy.

His statement was greeted with criticism from both parties, and demonstrations today were organized in anticipation of still more protests by white nationalists emboldened by his remarks. There were no major incidents reported Saturday in Boston, but police said 33 were arrested - mostly for disorderly conduct and assaults on police officers.

Some carried signs with messages such as "No Trump".

Protesters against the alt-right are now "anti-police agitators" to the president, apparently. Police are looking tough and smart!

And in a common pattern, Trump was faster to denounce the peaceful, anti-hate protest than the actual white supremacists and neo-Nazis who gathered in Boston Common for a "free speech rally".

Trump on Saturday further praised the job done by all law enforcement involved with the rally as well as Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, a Democrat.

President Donald Trump said in a deleted tweet that the country had been "divided for decade, but will come together again. Sometimes you need protest in order to heal, & we will heal, & be stronger than ever before!"

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