Trump lashes out at Sen. Lindsey Graham for comments on Charlottesville

US President Donald Trump's defiant and caustic statements about Charlottesville on Tuesday left many lawmakers Republicans and Democrats alike speechless

Trump lashes out at Sen. Lindsey Graham for comments on Charlottesville

One neo-Nazi marcher was charged with murder after allegedly driving a auto that crashed into protesters, killing a 32-year-old woman.

Now, frustrated aides could be next. Trump's remarks have left some wondering if sticking by the president comes at too high a cost to their reputations. After a moment he said, "I would say that is up to a local town, community, or the federal government, depending on where it is located".

It was hoped that retired General John Kelly, Trump's new chief of staff, could impose some form of discipline on Trump that his predecessor, Reince Priebus, could not.

A day later, on Tuesday, Bro said she did not recall praising or criticizing Trump.

Today, a string of business leaders are upbraiding a conservative president because of his character, specifically his fumbled attempts at denouncing neo-Nazis and white supremacists holding a rally turned violent in Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend.

Some Republican strategists are surprised the at the lack of response from top White House officials to what they consider the most flagrant violation of American values that Trump has displayed so far in his presidency. Trump then dissolved the councils. "Nobody has been formally named to the panel", said the source, who insisted on anonymity to discuss interactions with the White House.

But on Tuesday, Trump returned to his rhetoric of "many sides" during a press conference at Trump Tower that was supposed to focus on plans to revamp the country's infrastructure. Cohn in particular looked self-conscious and uncomfortable.

McConnell says "there are no good neo-nazis". They want to avoid controversy, but the president's comments were so out-of the-mainstream that taking a stand against them offered no downside. But CEOs tread carefully because a president wields enormous power and they don't want a disagreement in one area to shut off possibilities of White House collaboration on other issues.

"I am not going to condone in any way the behavior of Nazis". He also noted that the white nationalist group of protesters had a permit.

Shulkin, however, defended Trump's approach.

"The Democrats", he told The American Prospect, "the longer they talk about identity politics, I got 'em".

For Trump, a path toward regaining corporate support is to begin delivering on the campaign promises that attracted business leaders in the first place, notably tax reform.

"He's anxious about his reputation being trashed, which is much more valuable to him than anything else", the former administration official said. Not a single Republican congressional lawmaker supported him.

Others who chose to stick with the councils cited the need to stay engaged with the White House to make meaningful changes. Bob Corker of Tennessee said Thursday the president has not shown he knows "the character of the nation".

It was truly the kind of performance you expect from a deranged person, brought out to explain why he blew up a large government building and inquiring cheerfully: "Has anybody seen my vehicle?" "You'd think we were close".

"The president speaks for himself", Cruz told reporters on Wednesday.

Vice President Mike Pence, traveling in South America, said he was cutting his trip short to join Trump at Camp David.

"For us, the biggest question is what is the tipping point that would cause National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn to quit?" the firm wrote. "What Trump is doing is highly incendiary". Other reports suggested that Cohn was hanging on in the expectation he would be appointed next month to succeed Janet Yellen as chair of the Federal Reserve Board.

"Everything will be harder now", a senior White House official said, but dismissed the flood of apocalyptic suggestions from observers of both parties.

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