Dr Ruth Pfau laid to rest in Karachi after state funeral

Resolution passed in NA commemorating Ruth Pfao

Last rites of Pakistan's 'Mother Teresa' Ruth Pfau today

After her final rites were performed at the church, the coffin of "Pakistani Mother Teresa" Dr Pfau was taken to Gora Qabaristan, Karachi's oldest graveyard, where she was laid to rest.

Personnel of Armed Forces carried the casket, draped in Pakistani flag, containing Dr Ruth Pfau's body into St. Patrick's Cathedral. During World War II as a teenager she barely survived the Allied bombing which destroyed her home.

After graduation she joined the Daughters of the Heart of Mary Society, whe \n she was 29 the society sent her to India but due to some visa issues she landed in Karachi.

Last year, the number of patients under treatment for leprosy fell to 531 from over 19,000 in the 1980s.

She collected funds, and with donation from Germany and Pakistan and in 1968 she managed to convince the Government of Pakistan to start a National Leprosy Control Program in corporation with the Marie Adelaide Leprosy Center (MALC) and set up clinics all over the country. After witnessing the plight of leprosy patients, she chose to settle here. In recognition of her services to the country, she was awarded Pakistani citizenship in 1988.

In 1996, the World Health Organisation declared that leprosy had been controlled in Pakistan, which led Pfau to the more challenging task of eliminating the disease.

Dr Ruth received various honor awards for her courage.

Pfau, who was rightly credited for eradicating leprosy from Pakistan wished that she should not be put on a ventilator, probably for living a natural life, how long it was. Dr Ruth passed away earlier this month after dedicating a lifetime to fighting leprosy in the country.

Unfortunately, the social worker who left Germany to treat patients in Pakistan breather her last, last week at the age of 87 but she was fortunate enough that her wishes were respected by her fellows. She is to be buried in her adopted homeland.

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