Two NASA official eclipse viewing locations in Hampton Roads

Got a spot picked to watch the eclipse? Ferndale has the perfect event to learn something, too

Library giving out 500 pairs of eclipse glasses on Monday

It will also be the first total solar eclipse visible from any of the Lower 48 states since 1979.

According to NASA's total solar eclipse interactive map, Ferndale will see a partial solar eclipse - 87.39 percent of the sun will be obscured by the moon. But in the so-called "path of totality" where Levesque is headed, spanning from OR to SC, viewers will be able to see the total eclipse in all its glory.

While no data exists for how many made-for-eclipse eyeglasses are in circulation overall, shady distributors of purportedly solar-safe shades abound on the Internet, Fienberg said. Homemade sun filters and regular sunglasses do not provide sufficient eye protection. The American Astronomical Society, a NASA partner, has verified that these manufacturers are making eclipse glasses and handheld solar viewers that meet the ISO 12312-2 worldwide standard for such products. Safety glasses for viewing will be on hand for free while supplies last. Read and follow any instructions printed on or packaged with the filter. Outside of the path of totality, always use solar filters.

Stand still and cover your eyes with your eclipse glasses or solar viewer before looking up at the bright sun.

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