To stop BJP's 2019 march, Opposition parties to meet in Delhi today

Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi

To bolster its joint parliamentary strategy, the opposition has chose to come up with a small group which will coordinate with all the opposition leaders, discuss issues and come up with a plan of what should be raised in the upcoming winter session of Parliament. "After the Congress MLA's betraying its own party shows how strong they are?" "Any party would have done the same", said a senior NCP leader.

Utilising the stage to criticise veteran BJP leader LK Advani, Gandhi said the veteran was opposed to the amendment but the special status was granted once Congress came to power in 2004 under the rule of UPA-I.

As the Opposition seek to mount a united fight against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the saffron party on Saturday stated that the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) skipping the meeting called by Congress President Sonia Gandhi was a good decision. "This is the difference between us". When the NCP skipped the meeting the congress members said that they have betrayed us in the recent Rajya Sabha elections in Gujarat.

He noted that Finance minister Arun Jaitley had said in Parliament that loan waiver was not the government's policy and a BJP leader had said they did not want to make farmers lazy by doing it.

"We are helping farmers and weaker sections wherever we can, but they only speak and make hollow and false promises", he added.

"When you (NDA government) waive loans of the country's 10 richest Industrialists, they don't become lazy, but when you waive farmers' loans, they become lazy". Who has got employment here because of make in India? "Now tell me how many jobs has Siddaramaiah given in Karnataka?-30,000". If Congress leader Narayan Rane quit the party with his son and couple of supporting legislators, it will dip the Congress strength in the lower house giving an opportunity to the NCP to claim the post , As Reported By Hindustan Times.

Rahul Gandhi also said that the Congress is continuously working to improve the situation of employment in the country.

Addressing a rally in Raichur, Karnataka, Rahul said, "On November 8, Narendra Modi made all the cash we had in our bags defunct".

Comparing the work done by the Congress with the BJP in the state, he said, "We have invested the same amount of money in three months as BJP had in five years".

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