Team liquid wins biggest e-sports tournament

Image via Valve

Image via Valve

A team once considered to be one of the best, North Americans Evil Geniuses have performed poorly in this year's worldwide, not winning a single match: being beaten by both Newbee and Russian team Team Empire early in the tournament - both ending in a 2-0 loss. Team Liquid has won the worldwide e-sports tournament and was rewarded with a grand prize of $10.7 million.

Liquid was the Dota 2 pro team to come out on top at The Internation 7, the biggest esporting event in history.

Despite excellent carry play from one of the tournament's standout players in last-minute sub Roman "Reso1ution" Fominok, Liquid appeared to have Empire figured out, a task that eluded other teams, beating the Russian team 2-0. The Key Arena in Seattle turned into a fierce battleground where the Chinese and North American fans were supporting their respective teams. VP and Liquid slugged out a full three game series, and ultimately, Liquid survived as the sole remaining non-Chinese team at TI7.

The two teams who played in the grand final, Team Liquid and NewbeeCN, are comprised of some of the best Dota 2 players in the world. The final lasted for twenty minutes after which team Liquid came out as a victor.

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