NASA to study Earth's ionosphere during total solar eclipse

Griffith Observatory welcome all to come up a see the “Great American Eclipse” happening on Aug 21. The eclipse will only be partial over Southern California

NASA to study Earth's ionosphere during total solar eclipse

NY is not in line to see the total solar eclipse, but - weather-permitting - Staten Islanders will be able to view a partial eclipse.

The live streaming will be done from Idaho in the USA using a 50 mm f/5 finderscope, a small auxiliary telescope mounted on an Astrotrac tracker - the main astronomical telescope - to follow the Sun. The last total eclipse in the United States occurred on February 26, 1979.

The AAS and NASA have also published a list of legitimate companies making certifiably-safe eclipse glasses.

Those who are planning to view the eclipse are being advised to protect their eyes, as viewing the sun during an eclipse can cause severe damage. McGlaun has a webpage dedicated to the event here After that, there won't be another occurrence until August 12, 2045, according to a news release.

" Always read and follow all directions that come with the solar filter or eclipse glasses".

"We're writing to provide you with important safety information about the eclipse products you purchased on Amazon (order for Solar Glasses for the Great American Total Eclipse 2017 (5 Pack) - CE & ISO Certified - Includes Commemorative Poster & Kids Coloring Pages w/ Crayons)". If it is scratched or damaged, throw it away.

Wal-Mart and a few other stores may be selling eclipse glasses in areas close to totality but they may have sold out already, and I haven't seen any locally, so that may not stretch as far north as Pennsylvania.

However، the total solar eclipse will also have imperceptible effects، such as the sudden loss of extreme ultraviolet radiation from the Sun، which generates the ionised layer of Earth's atmosphere، called the ionosphere. Even very dark sunglasses can not protect your eyes while looking directly at the sun.

Get help from an astronomer before using a solar filter with a camera, telescope or other optical device.

" Carefully look at your solar filter or eclipse glasses before using them".

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