Bolt, Gatlin clash again tonight at 4x100m relay

Gatlin spoils Bolt's farewell in 100m with remarkable gold

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I wasn't booed in 2012, '11, and '12- which was still in London- '13 or '14 or '15 and not that much in '16. Since then, Bolt has grown to become a global sprint phenomenon. The legend of the sprint has released its lineup to commune one last time with the spectators.

Gatlin has served two suspensions for doping offences.

But in a decade-long career, the Jamaican has single-handedly restored hope. Richards medaled in a time of 20.107 behind South Africa's Wayde Van Niekerk who was beaten into second by Turkish runner, 27-year-old Ramil Guliyev. All nine are by Bolt. It is a combination of these that has made Bolt arguably the most globally recognised sportsman since Muhammad Ali, with a greater global fan base than a Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan.

Most would never consider crossing the line, but history also tells us that many have.

Bolt essentially confirmed that notion after his bronze medal finish at the World Championships.

While he is now the world's fastest man, he may hear Coleman's young footsteps chasing him down. At a time when there was - and still is - a deep sense of cynicism about sporting excellence of any kind, he was the ultimate escape artist.

The first days of competition have produced spectacular moments, Mo Farah's victory standing out as the highlight so far for the British fanbase, but the individual stories of athletes, journalists and volunteers are equally as compelling.

Briton Mo Farah's lovely smile is as endearing as his fearless long distance running. However, his place among the all-time running greats is in no doubt.

He is untouchable in the Olympics and the World Championship.

The Olympics, held every four years, and the World Championships, held every other year, are the premier attractions in track and field and are viewed almost equally on the global stage. Those belong to the legendary Kenenisa Bekele. "It is just one of those things, thank you to London for all your love and appreciation", said Bolt, who was treated by the capacity crowd and the organizers as a victor, receiving undimished cheers and applause from the adoring spectators and doing the lap of honor as if he had won.

"It's been brilliant. The energy in the stadium is outstanding", Bolt said, hailing the deafening support in the packed-out London Stadium "not just for me but the whole championships".

Through most of the race, it looked as if Bolt would be trying to reel in Coleman, the NCAA champion, who was in Lane 5, and got out faster than anyone in the field.

Gatlin and the USA team also including another convicted doping cheat, Mike Rodgers, and Jaylen Bacon were booed when introduced although the jeering was less than for the individual 100m event.

His rivals are expected to use team tactics and give him less room for error than in the 10,000m, which Farah won last week after overcoming several stumbles.

There was a build up before Gatlin and Bolt had a showdown at the Championship. His coach Alberto Salazar being under investigation by the United States Anti-Doping Agency hasn't helped.

So when the two move away, what kind of voids will they leave behind?

Even in the sadness, Bolt has made his show, taking égoportraits with the audience, draped in the jamaican flag, and running his famous gesture of the Flash to satiety, to the delight of the london audience.

But in the back of his mind, reality was setting in: "After the semifinal, I knew if I didn't get my start, I was going to be in trouble", he said.

“Personally I prefer sports to be in control of sanctioning athletes.

But what must make this loss so humiliating is that an "old man" upstaged him too. It was of someone who had provided the sport with a new lease of life. Canada, without the likes of Andre De Grasse, finished sixth overall in 38.59.

"It doesn't change anything", Bolt said.

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