August 21 solar eclipse requires safe viewing

Stores selling out of eclipse glasses


Two local science organizations are offering help to people wondering how to observe the solar eclipse, which will impact all of the mainland United States on August 21.

"We've SOLD OUT of Eclipse Glasses!"

If you plan on watching the upcoming total solar eclipse, you'll want glasses that are ISO certified.

Many other people received similar emails from Amazon for eclipse glasses, as stores are selling out of the hot-ticket items with one week to go before the eclipse.

Some McDonald's locations outside of OR - including Missouri and Washington - are also selling eclipse glasses.

The partial eclipse is scheduled to start in Brookings at 11:37 a.m.

According to optometrist Wes Wheadon looking at the sun without or with improper eyewear can have devastating effects.

Eclipse viewing glasses also will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis on the library plaza, the news release said. "People are being hoodwinked into buying glasses that may not be safe".

Solar eclipse glasses distributed by Northeast Community College are certified and safe for viewing the Monday, Aug. 21, eclipse.

Safe eclipse glasses should be stamped with a label indicating they meet the global "ISO 12312-2" standard - although Fienberg said counterfeiters have also started to print that on fake glasses. The full list can be found at

The American Astronomical Society has issued a "buyer beware" warning saying even glasses with the ISO seal may not be real.

On Aug. 21, the greater part of North America will experience a solar eclipse, when the moon blocks the sun from Earth's view. This certification is used to indicate they are safe for viewing the sun.

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