Walmart Apologizes For 'Own The School Year' Gun Display

Piers Morgan Accuses Walmart of Selling Guns to Kids After Viral Photo

Walmart: Picture Not From Evansville

Walmart tweeted Wednesday the display was at a store in Evansville, Indiana, but company spokesman Charles Crowson said Walmart has determined that tweet was incorrect.

A photo of a sign reading, "Own the school year like a hero", was placed directly above a glass case filled with guns.

Crowson did confirm the "Own the school year like a hero" catchphrase is part of the company's back-to-school campaign this year. But the Post later spoke with the woman behind the initial photograph, who confirmed to the publication that the picture was taken at the IN store.

There seemed to be some confusion within the company's management, however, as Walmart initially identified a store in Evansville, Ind., as the source of the photographed display, Huff Post reported.

Online outrage is being directed at Wal-Mart for a gun display at one of its stores, after a photo went viral on Wednesday of a sign that hung above it.

A photo of some Walmart in-store merchandising has gone viral and forced a grovelling apology from the discount behemoth.

Walmart officials say they are still trying to figure out the store where the sign was posted. The company spokesperson also told the paper that though it's unclear if the sign was placed there by an employee or a shopper, the photo appears to be legitimate based on the way the store is configured.

'People don't seem to honestly care, ' May noted. "We're very sorry and checking into how this could have happened".

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