Usher Hooked Up with Accuser at Days Inn Hotel Staffer Claims

Usher refutes sleeping with lady involved in herpes suit

Usher Allegedly Did Sleep With Accuser

On Friday, TMZ reported that an employee who worked at the Days Inn then, saw Usher in the hotel lobby a little after midnight on November 16.

Usher is being sued by a woman who claimed that he had sex with her after his concert in Atlantic City and failed to tell him that he had genital herpes.

Quantasia Sharpton, 21, appeared at a news conference with celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom on Monday (07Aug17) and claimed she had hooked up with the Pop Ya Collar singer at a hotel after she was allowed backstage at his gig in November 2014.

The lawsuit, obtained by, claims Usher had vaginal sex with at least one of the two women and he had "unprotected sex" with the man.

Sharpton tested negative for the herpes, but said she feels "violated" by Usher.

She was wearing a birthday crown in the photo, having just turned 19 several weeks earlier. After the show, they ended up at the Days Inn hotel, which was less than a mile from the venue.

A woman identifying herself as a former employee at the hotel told TMZ she saw the singer meet Sharpton in the lobby before going to her room. She said that he left the room and said he would be back.

However, Usher says he may have pulled her up on stage, but he didn't have sex with her. Although the lady waited an hour, Usher never came back downstairs. The staffer even detailed the moment the singer came in to see Sharpton, specifying the moment she knew he allegedly had sex with her.

Via sources connected to the situation, Sharpton has confirmed that the Days Inn is where her sexual encounter with Usher took place.

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