Trisha Paytas quits 'extremely unhealthy' Celebrity Big Brother

Trisha Paytas quits 'extremely unhealthy' Celebrity Big Brother

Trisha Paytas quits 'extremely unhealthy' Celebrity Big Brother

And she is SERIOUSLY happy to be out.

Trisha also sent a series of tweets explaining her time in the house with her first one being: "IM FREEEEEE!"

"Know I am appreciative of u all, it's what kept me in the house so long", Trisha added.

"In the four-minute clip, she described Sarah Harding as a "piece of s***" and a c**t". "Please believe the environment was extremely unhealthy".

Trisha Paytas has wasted no time in revealing what she really thought of her 'Celebrity Big Brother' housemates, posting a tell-all video on her YouTube page less than 12 hours after quitting the show.

"Trisha's fans spent so much money voting and paying United Kingdom peeps to vote for her, and Trisha walks two hours later. if only she knew #CBB", said somebody else.

In a video posted to her YouTube account, Trisha admitted that she regretted her decision after reading tweets of support, and said she felt like she had "let everyone down".

Jemma lets rip
Jemma lets rip

Celebrity Big Brother airs at 9pm on 5Star and 10.30pm on Channel 5 on Saturday night.

Celebrity Big Brother's second round of nominations will give viewers a sense of deja vu, as exactly the same group of housemates find themselves up for eviction.

Trisha, Sarah, Chad and Karthik had all faced the axe yesterday evening and it was Karthik who went.

"I have so much f***ing inside information on her but I'm not going to say it".

A statement from the programme teased that all the action will be show in the next show with "all the events leading up to her exit".

Although the move left many of those who spent money to keep her in rather upset.

She also claimed that the producers of Big Brother "tricked" her into staying in the house on Thursday night and left her in an unsafe position.

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