Here Are All the New Nike NBA Jerseys

Here Are All the New Nike NBA Jerseys

Dallas Mavericks unveil first two new Nike uniforms

The deal will last for eight years and it is worth approximately $1 billion [VIDEO], according to sources.

The new look uniforms feature a modernized wordmark for "Phoenix" on the Icon and "Suns" on the Association, while incorporating traditional elements of the team's identity.

Not only will they be manufactured by Nike, but they will also have a small patch, which is an advertisement. The Sunburst, an element from the team's original logo, is featured on the waistband of the shorts, and the tail of the Sunburst provides a unique lining, further highlighting the team identity.

The 2017-18 season marks the beginning of a partnership between the National Basketball Association and Nike, starting with new jerseys for every team.

The fonts and basic designs remained unchanged.

However, it seems that the#Miami Heat will not be making any changes to their jerseys. The road team can then choose any jersey of a different color to wear.

Many NBA teams have officially announced their new Nike jerseys, but the Miami Heat haven't done it yet.

There's still time for Nike to have some fun with the Mavericks' jerseys.

Sure, an "NBA 2K18" screenshot isn't a good proof, right?

At the end of the day, it's about who is wearing the jersey-not the jersey itself.

Nike is in, and Adidas is out. There wasn't much difference from the uniforms the Mavericks have worn in recent years.

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