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Chaos Is a Ladder Littlefinger Can't Climb With Bran Stark Around

'Chaos is a ladder' - Game of Thrones season 7 episode 4: Bran's line to Littlefinger explained

Valyrian steel, along with dragonglass, is one of the few things we've been told can kill White Walkers. A scene between Littlefinger and Bran in "The Spoils of War" suggests that "something else".

We know that Bran can see the past, but his vision of it is incomplete.

This post will have spoilers for Season 7 Episode 4. The murder attempt and Catelyn's subsequent arrest of Tyrion escalated the stakes between the Lannisters and the Starks. As the two sit down to talk, Littlefinger gifts Bran with a dagger that holds a great amount of significance to him.

There are three remaining episodes before the current season of the show wraps up. Littlefinger used the phrase while talking to Varys. Chaos is a ladder'. And some are given a chance to climb but they refuse.

Littlefinger should be nervous about Bran's words.

"Chaos is a ladder", Bran interrupts. Bran has seen literally everything in the Seven Kingdoms, including Littlefinger describing his philosophy of manipulation at a time when he was allied to the evil Joffrey. His eloquent words and brown-nosing have no effect on Bran.

Bran (played by Isaac Hempstead Wright) is no longer the young boy fans once knew as the eldest living Stark has become withdrawn and distant now he is the three-eyed-raven.

Littlefinger says the realm is a lie, a story they've told over and over. "Bran is a subject that can't be wooed in the same way that so many others have been wooed by Littlefinger, and he shows up there trying to gain an ally in Bran, and discovers that he's encountering a sort of unmovable force". This could thwart everything Littlefinger has attempted to do with Sansa, especially now that Arya Stark is back in Winterfell, too.

While the latter might have some more nefarious motives behind keeping tabs on Arya's sword skills (when does he not, honestly), Reddit user IMovedYourCheese pointed out that the way Sansa observes Arya's sword play is undeniably similar to a season one scene featuring her father, Ned Stark, who looked on during one of Arya's sword lessons with Syrio. He also explains Arya should have it because it's no use to him as a "cripple". It's only a matter of when. Littlefinger may not have been directly responsible, but he could have helped the person who hired the assassin.

But he leaves out the part where he was probably lying about Tyrion owning the dagger, and that it was Littlefinger himself that used it to trigger the war. Jaime thought Baelish lost the weapon to Robert (this is also mentioned in the books).

Is the dagger's placement coincidence?

REUTERS/Lucas JacksonCast member Aidan Gillen arrives for the premiere of the fourth season of HBO series "Game of Thrones" in New York March 18, 2014.

What did you find significant about Littlefinger giving Bran Catspaw?

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