Xbox Live's first batch of homebrew indie games has arrived

Xbox One Insider Program Now Open To All Users With Flexible Levels Of Access

The Xbox Live Creators Program is now available to all

Microsoft has tried, and in many cases succeeded, to incorporate feedback from gamers into the various software versions of the Xbox One life cycle.

The Insider program has four levels of access, which unlock depending on how long you have been in the program and how much feedback you have given. These changes help the development team by providing more in-depth, critical testing data, which they use to then update and refine features based on fan feedback, ensuring optimal user experiences when system updates reach general availability. One of those gamer feedback oriented programs is the Xbox Insider Program. For those in the Delta ring, some will be selected (randomly it seems) to receive earlier builds than others.

Retail Xbox One consoles can be used to publish games but those games must also be Universal Windows Applications so they can run on Windows 10. This means if you're concerned with bandwidth usage or the frequency of updates, you can simply move to a lower ring whenever you'd like. On the Xbox One console, we've created a special section of the Store called Creators Collection, so that your game can be easily discovered by people looking for something new. Meaning if you have two Xbox One, then both can have a different level of access.

First announced back in March, the Xbox Live Creators Program gives developers the ability to publish games to the Xbox One and Windows 10 store pages with only a simplified certification process and without the need for a dedicated dev kit or concept approval ahead of time. The highest level of access is "Alpha" are to get to that level users will have to be picked by Microsoft from a pool of users who have been in the program for over three months and has offered the most feedback.

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