Tesla plans to unveil self-driving electric trucks in September

In those documents, Tesla sought state approval to test a prototype of its electric semi in Nevada that will contain self-driving software.

Additionally, a California DMV spokeswoman told Reuters that the state's officials were to meet with Tesla on Wednesday to discuss autonomous trucks.

The email exchange shows that the auto company is putting self-driving technology into an electric truck, which it plans to unveil in September 2017. It was reported a few months ago, but now the information appeared, these machines are developed as soon as able to move not just Autonomous, but also in the columns of the leading auto.

Several other Silicon Valley companies are developing autonomous driving technology and are working on long-haul trucks.

Some companies also are working on technology for road trains, a driving formation where trucks follow one another closely. However, it's still unclear whether the lead vehicle would have a driver or operate autonomously with a person in the front seat to monitor safety. If approved, this mark the first time any company is allowed to test a humanless self-driving truck in Nevada.

Tesla isn't alone in the pursuit of platooning technology, however. He made no reference to any dates for potential road tests. "On July 10, Zamani inquired further to the Nevada DMV about terms for a testing license, an email seen by Reuters shows". It's not surprising to see autonomy on Tesla's trucks.

Tesla declined to comment on the matter, referring Reuters to the previous statements by Musk, who has discussed the truck in tweets and at the annual shareholder meeting.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk put out a few teasers in the spring, but had not mentioned the truck was going to be autonomous.

Venkat Viswanathan, a lithium ion battery researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, said that electric long-haul trucking was not yet economically feasible yet, and that the massive batteries required to compete with the 500-mile range of diesel trucks would limit cargo carrying capacity.

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