OR mother who mistakenly suffocated newborn sues hospital for $8.6 million

Jacob died after he was accidentally smothered by his mother. Source Facebook

Jacob died after he was accidentally smothered by his mother. Source Facebook

A mother in OR is suing Portland Adventist Medical Center for $8.6 million after she accidentally smothered her four-day-old baby in a hospital bed.

Monica Thompson claims the Portland Adventist Medical Center staff placed her newborn, Jacob, in bed with her so she could breastfeed him in the middle of the night, and left her unsupervised while she was heavily medicated with sleep aids and painkillers, The Oregonian reported.

Thompson gave birth to a healthy boy via C-section on August 2, 2012, and he was taken to a nursery three days later so his mother could recover. When the OR mom awoke about an hour later, she found her son still in her arms but unresponsive. ". She poked him and talked to him with no reaction".

The new mum tried to get a response from her son before frantically calling for a nurse.

His parents were told he'd suffered catastrophic brain damage and his life support was turned off when he was just 10 days old.

A hospital spokesperson has declined to comment on the incident and the lawsuit.

The lawsuit, which further alleges negligence on the part of the hospital for not having clear policies on the matter, seeks damages for the baby's "desperation and anxiety" while he was suffocated and for his mother's 'severe emotional distress upon unintentionally killing her firstborn child'.

When a nurse noticed the mother in the hallway, she examined the newborn and called a "Code Blue" because the newborn was not breathing, Thompson's attorney said.

Portland Adventist Medical Center issued a short statement to People, saying that it is "reviewing the claim" and could not provide any additional comments. "I am sharing our story in the hopes that no mother or family will ever have to suffer through a preventable tragedy such as this".

Monica Thompson is now suing the Portland Adventist Medical Center for $8 million.

Never mind the unlikeliness of any hospital allowing a mother to breastfeed with narcotics in their system.

The family's lawyer, Diego Conde, explained to People that it took several years for the couple to file the lawsuit, because they needed the time to recover emotionally. "It has taken Monica and the family all this time to finally come to the conclusion that something went wrong, and they were not to blame".

They are now the parents to a toddler daughter - but they still mourn the loss of Jacob.

Baby Jacob died after hospital workers put the baby in Monica Thompson's arms while she was under the influence of strong pain medications, reports The Oregonian.

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