No Man's Sky Multiplayer Arrives in Free Update to Game

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Image Source DesignationG

The update, titled "Atlas Rises", is the third major update since the game title was released.

"No Man's Sky" was largely anticipated in August past year, but as the game did not live up to the hype for many players, Hello Games received a lot of criticism, some even involved death threats as well as attempts to hack the website.

There's tons more to the update, from better dogfighting to low-level planetary flight (and dogfighting!), improved interfaces, depth of field and on and on, which can be read about over on the No Man's Sky page dedicated to it. The new update will double the lore and interactions of the existing game and allow players to discover the truth behind the Abandoned Building logs, the World of Glass, the Sentinels, the Redemption of the Gek, and the meaning of sixteen... Other additions include new varieties of planet biomes of exotic nature, massive crashed freighters for scavenging, an updated UI, along with high-resolution textures for various environments for that much-needed eye candy when exploring the universe.

Players can also visit the new Mission Agent in Space Stations to pick up unique and rewarding new tasks as new missions are constantly generated, and cater to all play styles (scanning, trading, combat and exploration). You can also use them to revisit previous planets, other bases or just randomly skip to a new world. Interaction is limited, but you have local voice chat and could theoretically us the terrain editing Multi-Tool enhancements together. Apparently there are more upgrades to be equipped as well to improve it and reap even more rewards. The official description confirms the player count as well as voice over IP for the multiplayer but this has yet to be tested in the actual game. This left players to create their own stories and make a lot of effort into their exploration of other planets as well as mapping out parts of the galaxy that they were going to explore. At some point in the future, we'll see synchronous co-op within No Man's Sky, and this is the first step toward that.

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